Picture 163.

This view of the French Market, at the point where Decatur Street and N. Peters Street come together, shows the sad condition of much of the street paving in New Orleans, and suggests why teamsters liked to drive their wagons along the streetcar tracks (see Picture 141).  We are in the Vieux Carré, looking down toward Esplanade Ave., along Decatur St. (left) and N. Peters St. (right).  The streets are paved with ballast block, but the drainage and maintenance are obviously poor.  Note the wooden crosswalks for pedestrians.  The track at the left is the inner terminal of the French Market line of the Orleans RR; it was later called French Market - City Park, and still later simply City Park.  From its origins as a horsecar line in 1870 until 1910, it had the nearly unique feature of not going to Canal Street.  As can be seen here, even though it passed within about 15 feet of the Levee & Barracks line of the New Orleans City RR (the tracks at the right, on N. Peters St.), there was originally no track connection between them.  Later, in 1910, the City Park line was connected to the track on N. Peters, and ran up to Canal Street. Acmegraph


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