Picture 229.2.

This is a slightly later view of Canal Street compared to the previous picture.  This one was taken in mid to late 1947, and looks in the opposite direction, toward the river.  Judging by the light dress of the pedestrians, the date might be in the summeer or early fall.  Notice the crowds waiting to board the streetcars.  The center tracks have at least one streetcar almost every block, on the Cemeteries, West End, and Tulane lines.  The nearest intersection is Bourbon St. at the left, Carondelet at the right.  Car 851 is turning from the outer Canal Street track into Bourbon on the Desire or Gentilly line, full of passengers.  An 800-series Tulane car is taking the switch from Carondelet onto the center track to head for the loop near the river.  The outbound car on the center track is car 907 signed West End, and the inbound car at that corner is 873 signed Cemeteries.  In the middle of the block between Carondelet and St. Charles on the outer track is car 951 on the S. Claiborne line.  There are two Magazine cars a couple of blocks ahead on the outer riverbound track, about to turn into their namesake street.  And in the distance, near the river, there's a Cemeteries, West End, or Tulane car starting around the loop.  White bus 1643 is turning from Carondelet into Canal St.  If this is a Freret bus, the date has to be before Freret trolley coach service started, on Sept. 3, 1947.  Many business signs are visible, including D. H. Holmes, Mayer Israel's, St. Charles Hotel, Monteleone Hotel, and lots more.  Wilfred D'Aquin photo, New Orleans States-Item

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