Picture 436.

An aerial view of Canal Station, November, 2003, looking in the uptown direction.  Canal Street crosses this picture left-to-right at the top, and N. Gayoso Street is at the right.  The large building in the upper center, facing Canal Street, is the A. Philip Randolph facility, built in 1992 on the site of the original Canal streetcar barn.  We see numerous diesel buses parked behind it.  The building closer to the camera and just right of center, having four peaks on the roof, is the former bus garage now converted to streetcar service.  (A band has been drawn around this building and the streetcar tracks leading to Canal Street.)  About 13 streetcars, more than half the fleet, can be seen on the tracks. Bob Rabito, Lagniappe Studio (www.lagniappestudio.com), courtesy of Edward J. Branley (CanalStreetcar.com)

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