Pictures 475 through 478.

Perley Thomas car 923 on the St. Charles line has just turned in from Carondelet Street, and is about to turn up St. Charles Street, while a Von Dullen car is stopped at the traffic light at Bourbon Street.  This scene is played out many times every day.  But this time, March 18, 2005, is a bit unusual: ancient Ford Bacon & Davis (FB&D) car 29, only surviving car of its type, is following car 923 from Carondelet to Canal.  Car 29 has recently gotten a complete refurbish, following a fire in one of its controllers.  It is now painted in the same colors and style as the Perley Thomas cars, without “work car” striping on its front dash, as was seen in the past.  The car is doing sand duty, travelling the lines sanding the rails for better traction.  Instead of following car 923 up St. Charles Street, car 29 stopped at the crossover and turned back, taking the switch to the Canal line (second picture) and running "wrong way" into the next block.  Fortunately for this maneuver, there happened to be a lull in Canal line streetcar traffic at this moment.  The third picture shows car 29 stopped for the traffic light at Carondelet/Bourbon, facing the "wrong way"; the next St. Charles car is stopped on Carondelet Street at the left side of the picture.  The bottom picture shows car 29 taking the crossover to the outbound Canal Street track, after which it headed out to Canal Station.  Note the very wide clerestory roof on car 29, a characteristic of the FB&D car type. — Photos by the author

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