Pictures 170 and 171.

The normal, congested movement of cars on Canal in March 1902, looking out toward the lake.  Compare Picture 69.5, in horsecar days.  These two pictures were probably taken from the same vantage point and just minutes apart, although they were published by different firms.  Camp and Chartres are the nearest cross street.  Notice the solid mass of streetcars as far as one can see!  In the upper picture, there is a starter standing on the center track in the foreground.  The large double truck car on the inner lakebound track, carrying a “Canal Belt” route sign on the dashboard, is the first of the St. Louis Robertson “Palace” cars, car 01.  Most of the other cars in sight are various types of single truck cars, primarily FB&D cars on the outer tracks, and “1894 Brills” on the inner tracks.  Car 175, the one following Canal Belt car 01, is signed “Peters Ave.”; its side is lettered “N. O. City R. R.”  The lead car on the inner riverbound track has a rooftop sign marked “Audubon Park” and a dashboard route sign “Coliseum”.  To the photographer's left from the Coliseum car is single truck car 249 in Camp Street, probably on the Prytania line (but possibly the Annunciation line), waiting to enter Canal Street.  Cars 240-259 were built by Jackson & Sharp in 1899, and were usually to be found on the Prytania line until that line got new cars in 1910.  On the photographer's right another block in the distance, a Clio or Carondelet car is crossing Canal from Royal into St. Charles Street.  In the lower picture, the company name on the first car at the left edge is “[N.] O. & [C.] R. R. CO.”; this car and the one in front of it are FB&D design. — Adolph Selige Pub. Co. (upper), C. B. Mason (lower)

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