Picture 232.

A gentleman alights from Tulane Belt car 411 under the watchful eye of the motorman in this 1936 view with Maison Blanche in the background.  The streetcar has just turned from Carondelet Street into Canal, taking the inner track, and is stopped at St. Charles Street.  It will proceed to the loop at the foot of Canal, and return on the inner track to Saratoga (see Picture 228),) where it will turn into Tulane Avenue to begin its next trip.  Cars 400-449 were built in 1915 by the Southern Car Co. of High Point, NC.  They were the first arch roof motor cars in New Orleans.  The Tulane and St. Charles Belt lines were typical assignments for them.  The cars of the later 800-972 and 1000-1019 classes were refined versions of the 400-449 class.  The 400s were scrapped in 1948.  Note the sliding front door; the 800s, 900s, and 1000s had folding front doors.  The sign on the dash, behind the alighting passenger, reads “Please Help The Service Have Exact Fare Ready”.

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