Pictures 235.2 and 235.3.

Both the Desire and the Gentilly lines approached Canal Street via Royal Street.  The upper picture features car 885 on the Desire Line, and the lower picture shows car 891 in Gentilly service, June 10, 1947, about to enter Canal Street.  Both of these cars were Brill products.  The cars will follow the track in the foreground, turning into the outer lakebound track, and will proceed one block to Bourbon Street.  Royal Street is flanked by the Royal Jewelry on the left and National Shirt Shops on the right.  The panel delivery truck in the right foreground of the upper picture is a 1936 Willys.  The smoke cloud suggests that its engine must have been near the end of its life.  Note the paving blocks that line the rails laid in the asphalt street. Fred Victor DuBrutz photos



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