Pictures 235.5 through 235.8.

After turning into Canal Street from Royal, Gentilly and Desire cars went out the outer track one block to Bourbon, where they loaded passengers and then turned down Bourbon Street to commence their next downbound (outbound) runs—Gentilly cars to Almonaster and Franklin Avenues in the Gentilly neighborhood, Desire cars to Desire and France Streets.  Gentilly was one of the few New Orleans streetcar lines named for the neighborhood it served rather than the street(s) it traversed.  The top picture features Gentilly car 884.  The second picture shows off Desire car 903, with Tulane car 806 outbound on the inner track.  It was unusual to see a 900-class car on Desire; more typically, the service was provided by 800-class cars.  At this time, 900s were mostly seen on uptown lines operating out of Arabella Station, but a few low-numbered 900s had been assigned to Canal Station, which housed Desire and Gentilly cars.  The third picture stars Gentilly car 886; note the crowd waiting for the next car on the inner track.  In the fourth picture, we see Gentilly car 897, with another car (presumably in Desire service) in front of it, both cars loading passengers, and Cemeteries car 820 on the inner track at the left.  These four pictures are all dated June 10, 1947. — Fred Victor DuBrutz photos





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